Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baked Dijon Chicken

At the restaurant I used to manage, one of my favorite things on the menu is the Chicken Dijon. It's a breaded chicken breast that's covered in a Dijon cream sauce and served with mashed potatoes. YUM! So good...but I can't eat like that all the time. This is the recipe I came up with to try and recreate some of those flavors with out all the calories and fat in the cream sauce. It's definitley not the same...but it satisfies my cravings when I can't splurge! 

This recipe can now be found on my family blog,


Ashley said...

Oh my... I'll be trying this chicken recipe... looks really yummy

Allyson said...

I'm trying this one tonight. It sounds and looks so delish! Thank you, keep on with your "offerings".