Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pops

Ever since I found Bakerella's blog, I've been dying to try out her Cupcake Pops. They are just so stinkin' cute! But as much as I love to bake - I don't have the time to do something simply for the fun of it. So I've been patiently waiting for a proper celebratory reason to try these out! Molly's Birthday seemed like perfect timing.

Molly's preschool teacher asked at the beginning of the school year, that if we wanted to bring cupcakes to school to celebrate our child's birthday, to please not have frosting on them. WHAT?! No Frosting?! What good is a cupcake without the frosting? Especially when you are 4 years old! But then I thought of the Cupcake Pops and realized, I could still get the awesome cupcake effect...but not break the dreaded "No Frosting" rule!

Earlier this week, as I was brainstorming ideas for what to bring for Molly's Birthday snack, I came across a box of mini ice cream cones in our pantry. I remembered a Cakespy post about what cool kids bring to school on their Birthdays that had me laughing and reminiscing awhile back. She claimed the really cool kids brought cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones! Which got the gears turning and led to me ponder...."Cupcake Pops as Ice Cream Cones?...It could work. Must try!" And off a Cupcake Popping/Ice Cream Coning I went.

I'm SO glad I did! I think they turned out cute as ever. I can't wait to share the link with Bakerella and Cakespy (they're friends, you see) and see what they think! If you've never visited their blogs, you should go check 'em out. Bakerella has some amazing talent...such cute and creative stuff she comes up with. Even Martha thinks so - she had Bakerella on her show! Lucky Lady. I'd die. I think I'd look cute in a Bakerella t-shirt don't you? (Just in case you're still looking for a Vday present, Mateo!) Cakespy is really funny and artistic to boot. Her posts are super educational too. I always learn something new!

Without further adieu, my Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pops. Molly's gonna be the Coolest Girl in School!

I followed Bakerella's directions, but used a Strawberry cake mix (per Molly's request) instead of Red Velvet.

I rolled the balls into a funky shape in order for the bottom half to fill up the ice cream cone.
Then I firmly pushed the top down onto the cone and reshaped it into a round ball once again.
Then I dipped and swirled them in the melted candy coating. I found the white and chocolate candy coating at Ralph's around Christmas time, but you could also use the candy melts they sell at Michael's or Joann's.
After I let the excess drip off, I decorated them with Rainbow Sprinkles. KAY-uuuute!! I love them. I, of course, had to try the Vanilla cone...since me and Chocolate are not best friends.
I told Matt when I was all done, "I hope I don't burn out when the kids are in 2nd grade and have to tell them 'I made really cute sh*t for snack when you were in preschool, I swear!" He just rolled his eyes and said "Not likely - you'll never burn out of doing this kind of stuff." He's probably right...


Aubs said... at the "i made cute s**t in preschool" comment! That is too funny! those really did turn out super cute! I would only have the patience to do that sort of thing if i was doing it w/ a friend so we could laugh and talk while doing it! Your amazing!

Joanna said...

Those are take-the-cake cool! Question: did you bake them before of after they went in the cones? Before, and they stayed in that weird shape?

I totally laughed at your last comment, too.

I WILL make those sometime in for my girls.

Bizzy Bee Creations said...

Love them!! I have to say they are as cute in person as they are in the picture!! Did the kids like them?? You make me laugh...I am sure you will never burn out of cute ideas!!