Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - May 18th

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Seems there is a hiccup in every week (last week it was two!) and I always end up pushing at least one meal off till the following week. Which is fine really, just kinda annoying to my OCD self. It bugs the back of my little brain that I was supposed to make the Brie Burgers last week and post pictures, but I haven't done it yet! Tonight, tonight, tonight.....

We all really liked the Honey Lime Chicken last week! It was fast and easy, and since we enjoy those flavors, I usually have all the ingredients on hand. I will definitely make it again.

Once a month I have season tickets to the theatre with girlfriends. We always meet for dinner & drinks at a different restaurant before. Last month, we went to a Cuban restaurant, Habana, and I had the Salmon. It was SO GOOD. (Also enjoyed a Blackberry Mojito that knocked your socks off!) The Salmon was grilled and topped with a spicy cream sauce of tomatoes and green onions and served with black beans and rice. This week I am going to try and recreate it....If it works, I'll post the recipe! If you live in the OC, go try Habana on a warm night. The patio is beautiful with seriously hundreds of candles and every plate makes your mouth water.

Monday - Brie & Shallot Parisian Burgers with TJ's Garlic Fries

Tuesday - Green Chile Casserole from Pampering Beki

Wednesday - Softball game and Bible Study....probably dinner on the run, or something simple like Soup & Grilled Cheese.

Thursday - Habana's Salmon with black beans and white rice

Friday -
Chicken & Broccoli Braid with green salad (recipe to come)

Saturday - Chicken Tacos and Spanish Rice (recipe to come). Maybe some margaritas as we cheer on the LakeShow.

Sunday - "Snack Bar is now Open" (This is what my Dad used to say when he made dinner when I was a kid. It meant cleaning out the fridge of all the weeks leftovers and passing them off as mini meals!)

STILL can't wait to try the Crack, I mean Brie Burgers! And hoping my Salmon can hold a candle to Habana's. Be sure and visit for more menu planning inspiration.


Aubs said...

ha...i'm so with you on the having to push atleast one meal over to the next never fails! And i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one it bothers!! It drives me NUTS!! ha! looking forward to your recipes to come!!

Ashley said...

I was just at the grocery store too wishing that I had checked out your menu before I went! I'll just have to go back again :)

I love the "snack bar" day!