Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - January 31st

I took last week off of menu planning and regular running. I returned home late Sunday night from Chicago and was exhausted. It was an awesome weekend with my sister. But I am not used to partying late, playing non-stop, the cold weather and traveling! I think it took until Wednesday for me to feel like I was back to myself. Tuesday night I put the kids to bed and promply put myself to bed! That is SO not like me. I am usually a night owl.

A week off of menu planning and exercising, however, led to a week of eating (and feeling) like cr*p! Lots of take-out, caffeine, processed and high calorie foods. When I normally run 10-15 miles a week - last week I only ran only 5. Ick. So not good for our health. And so not good for MY psyche. Instead of beating myself up about it though, I'm just gonna re-focus this week and get back on track. Back to healthy, organic, locally grown ingredients in our meals. Back to at least 10 miles ran a week.

Some of the things that came in our CSA box this week that I'm incorporating into our menus: broccolette, carrots, zucchini, napa cabbage, cauliflower, green apples, kale,

Monday: Chimichurri salmon with green apple yogurt coleslaw and jasmine rice
Tuesday: Cauliflower and turkey sausage over whole wheat penne with mixed baby greens
Wednesday: Chicken ceasar salad with carrot-zucchini-raisin bread
Thursday: Slow cooker beer braised beef, baked potatoes and balsamic broccolette
Friday: Spanish rice and chipotle black bean burritos

AM Smoothie: "The Green Machine" - aka spinach, avocado & green apple
New Breakfast recipe: Poached eggs over mushroom, asparagus & kale "hash"

Super Bowl Party recipes: Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and S'mores Brownies

2011 Running Goal: 10miles/week (40/520)
Actual miles completed: (39/520)

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